The 4 Components of a Successful Practice

The four components of a successful practice are:


Part 2 – Processes

In our People component, we spoke about how important it is to have a great team managed by a great leader.  What brings operations together seamlessly is a series of processes that become the foundation of the business and the guidelines for the team. 

Each process is developed to strengthen the company core. People use the processes in place to create an experience not found anywhere else.  Management’s responsibility is to ensure that processes consistently improve productivity and customer service.  

The processes begin with the first phone call.  What is the first thing a patient hears when they call your practice?  It should not matter what time or day – the experience of hearing a person on the other end of the phone delivering a positive attitude and a commitment to excellent service makes them want to come in and see you.

Other processes that help make the patient experience exceptional includes checking benefits, scheduling, checking patients in and out, entering patient demographics and managing the referrals and authorizations.  Providing an exceptional patient experience is essential and includes clarifying patient responsibilities that holds them accountable for things such as scheduling appointments, making payments at time of service, and making every appointment to avoid cancellation or no show fees. 

While the front desk have their guidelines it is equally important that the biller does also.  Procedures for submitting claims daily, posting payments and managing the accounts receivable are critical to managing daily revenue.  Making sure systems are in place for tracking denials back to the source and eliminating them is a function than can never be ignored.  It is an important part of accountability.

Therapist’s need processes too.  In addition to treating the patient and providing care that results in positive outcomes, they are responsible for managing their patients by billing and documenting compliantly and within insurance guidelines.    Everyone involved in the patient’s experience from the first phone call to the treatment and payment for services makes for an outstanding practice.  It takes everyone – the team.

At Diane McCutcheon, Business Management Consulting Services and Account Matters billing services we offer front desk, billing and A/R training for staff and management through our Administrative Power Center.  It will be a great first step for everyone.

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