Strengthening the Inner Core in Private Practices

Private practice owners work hard to provide exceptional patient care but too many fall short on what really makes a successful practice.  Focusing on strengthening the organizations inner core is many times overlooked and as a result, money is being left on the table.

Poor customer service, limited processes, little employee engagement, a lack of company goals and effective leadership all contribute to lost dollars.  These are the things that contribute to audits, lost revenue, excessive employee turnover and in too many cases the closing of the doors. Without a strong infrastructure practices cannot sustain a solid patient base or make money. 

Strong management promoting a company culture that focuses on striving to exceed company expectations will keep the practice growing and profitable.  Most private practice owners are not great managers and trying to build values and focus on the core of the business becomes such an overwhelming challenge that growth is stymied and losing money becomes inevitable. 

Here are 5 great ways to get you started.

1.  What are you really good at?  What are you not so good at?

As an owner or manager, decide what it is you do best and what you struggle with.  Get some input on this so you don’t misjudge your strengths or weaknesses.  Look at the things you cannot do or don’t have time to do and you will be better able to begin establishing a great team.

2.  Identify the key positions you need to be successful.

Key positions are those that add value to your organization.  Some key positions include front desk specialist, biller, office manager and clinical manager.  Many owners begin by outsourcing many of these key positions.  Whether you outsource or hire in-house everyone becomes a part of your team and your job is to make sure everyone is doing their best.

3.  Hire the best of the best.

You can only hire the best of the best if you know what the job is all about.  If you don’t know what the requirements are to do the job or exactly what needs to be done, get help hiring.  Just because you have a family member of a friend who is “willing” to help out doesn’t solve the problem.  If they do not have the proper skills and education it may not work out.  Creating job descriptions can help sort out what has to be done. 

4.  Build positive relationships from day one.

Start your new hire off with an orientation program that starts them on the path to success from day one.  Review the job description, standards for the job, company goals and expectations.  Make sure you provide training and development of the new employee and review their progress weekly up to at least 90 days.  Keep encouraging success and continually evaluate how each employee is moving the company ahead.  At performance review time there should be no surprises.

5.  Provide leadership.

Communication is the best tool you have for building strong relationships with your employees.  Make it clear that the businesses success is their success.  Creating a seamless operation that starts with the first phone call and ends with payment for services is powerful and always leads to success.

It isn’t easy running a business but with the right people and processes in place you can be successful.  Invest in your business and enjoy the benefits of helping others.

For more information on how to hire staff or start an “Administrative Power Center” in your practice and other services, go to or email us at  The “Administrative Power Center” was developed by Diane McCutcheon and Stacey Fitzsimmons for PT, OT and SLP private practices.  Find out what they can do for you. 

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