Have you ever taken a step back and looked at your business from a patient’s point of view?  From the moment that the phone rings and your front desk engages the patient to their discharge, do you feel you have given them the best experience possible?  Take a moment and look at the results of our survey on what is most important to patients and see if you are hitting the mark. 

Here are the top 3 areas that patients say are most important them:

1. Continuity of Care – Your patient puts their trust in you to guide them through their plan of care.  Patients reported being concerned because, in some cases they were given conflicting treatment information or left alone to fend for themselves during their exercises.  In order to instill confidence in the patient, the physical therapist, PTA and/or aides need to be on the same page. Providing patients with correct information and hands on guidance throughout their entire appointment will ensure happy patients who are more likely to refer you to others. 

2. Customer Service – The patient’s first impression begins at your front desk. Do you ever listen to how your front desk answers the phone or greets patients? Are they educated enough to answer all of a patient’s questions?  Patients in our survey stated that a front desk who was unfriendly or unable to correctly answer questions regarding benefits, etc. resulted in them feeling there was a lack of professionalism at the clinic making them less likely to return.  Making sure your front desk is friendly and well-trained guarantees a great impression and excellent patient experience.
3. Cleanliness – Nothing is more of a turn off to patients than a dirty clinic.  From your waiting area to your treatment rooms and equipment to your bathroom, everything should be spotless.   Patients expressed concerns for their wellbeing when confronted with unsanitary conditions.  Cleaning and maintaining your clinic properly tells your patient you care about them and put their health first. 

Let’s see how you did! Does your clinic meet the standards that patients are looking for? Are you doing everything you can to capture and retain your patients? If not, your losing revenue and we can help.  Diane McCutcheon Business Management Consulting Services, Inc. has been providing businesses with the tools needed to maximize the patient experience for over 35 years.  To learn more about our APC front desk training and how to improve your business, please call 508-422-0231 or email info@dmbmcsi.com.

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Physical Therapy from the Patient's Perspective