Your Front Desk is as Important as your Therapist- REALLY!

While it is true that you can’t provide physical therapy services without physical therapists, it is also true that you can’t keep your business thriving without an outstanding front desk staff.  As we like to say, “It starts with the first phone call”. 

Your front desk is the point of first contact for potential patients.  What is it that your front desk says about you?  Is your staff knowledgeable and welcoming?  Do they create a great first impression that makes people enthusiastic about receiving treatment at your clinic?  If not, you are losing potential revenue from the get go. 

Have you ever called a business to make an appointment and the person on the other end of the line is curt and not very accommodating or even worse you get put on hold for an extended period of time or simply can’t get through?  How likely is it that you will be excited about developing a relationship with the business or even keep your appointment?  Never mind ever referring someone to the business – more likely you’ll tell everyone what a bad experience you had.

The fact is undisputable, to capture potential patients and keep your business thriving, you have to be exceptional from the start.  Beginning with the initial contact, you need to make the patient confident in the fact that they are in the best hands possible.  It is their health after all.

The same rules apply for the patient’s first in-person experience with your front desk staff.  Patients should be warmly greeted and checked-in quickly.  Your staff should be able to answer any questions they have and provide information on benefits.  All referrals and authorizations should be in place before the patient arrives to avoid any issues…the list goes on.

The importance of the ability of the front desk to deliver excellent customer service should never be underestimated especially since more often than not the person coming in is anxious about their treatment and sometimes in a lot of pain.  They need to be assured that everything is taken care of administratively and that they are a top priority.

Remember, first impressions are everything.  Potential patients have options and you want them to choose you.  If your front desk isn’t quite there yet, we can help.  We offer front desk training through our Administrative Power Center and are the only company we know of that caters exclusively to physical therapy practices.  You can’t get any better than that.  Call 508-422-0231 to get started today.

Christina Ryan, Executive Administrator 

Diane McCutcheon Business Management Consulting Services, Inc.