Diane McCutcheon, President

Daniel Ramsey, Assistant Administrator

Daniel graduated from Bridgewater State University in 2015 with a degree in Communications.  Dan joined the DMBMCSI team in January 2016, as the Administrative Assistant.  Dan is in charge of the marketing for DMBMCSI & Account Matters, as well as a credentialing specialists. 

Account Matters Team

Diane and Stacey's experience in the world of physical and occupational therapy is what inspired them to develop the Administrative Power Center (APC).  The Administrative Power Center is the most unique training and development program because it is designed specifically for physical therapy practices.  While physical therapists have had a lot of training to become professionals in their field, many do not know the in and outs of running a business.  The Administrative Power Center is a powerful training program because it's the most comprehensive tool to help owners learn how to manage their business.  

Diane McCutcheon and her team of specialists have over 35 years experience in the ever-changing business world. 

The team specializes in working with business owners to develop a business strategy that will result in a high functioning business operation.

Christina Ryan, Executive Administrator

Christina joined Diane McCutcheon Business Management Consulting Services, Inc. in October of 2011.  Christina serves as an administrative consultant and human resource specialist.  

Christina has brought a new perspective to DMBMCSI in her ability to work with clients and assist in the implementation of strategic plans.  Her prior successful business management experience was focused establishing policies and procedures, strategic planning and controlling operating costs.

As part of the DMBMCSI team, Christina has applied her skills and knowledge to bring a new level of innovative thinking to our team and our clients.

Our Team 

Stacey Fitzsimmons, Director Account Matters

The billing specialists at Account Matters are dedicated to your practice and getting you the money you earned. Our billing specialists go through extensive training, learning how to bill, process claims, follow up on denials, and collect on outstanding balances.  One of the many ways Account Matters is different from other billing companies, is that our staff will shadow a clinic's front desk to get a better understanding of that function. Account Matters staff also attend continuing education courses to keep up with the changing processes of PT/OT billing.  

She brought a wealth of knowledge on managing the day to day operations in physical therapy clinics. Stacey’s has successfully trained and developed new staff to understand the inner workings of a clinic and how their position directly affects the patient experience and ultimate company bottom line.  She can easily spot deficiencies and works with the staff to correct and improve processes.  Her expertise in referral management has helped owners and staff to understand how to maximize billing and increase reimbursements.

As the Director of Account Matters, Stacey handles all new accounts throughout the United States.  She works with all new clients to set up communication processes that will guarantee a smooth transition.  Stacey also makes herself available to conference with all clients on a monthly basis to go over their month end statistics.  Stacey is responsible for ensuring that all billing and collections are up to date and consistently being worked on.   Stacey’s success is measured by the health of your accounts receivable. 


Stacey joined Diane McCutcheon Business Management Consulting Services, Inc. as a business management consultant specializing in PT/OT billing and collection operations in 2004.   In 2009 Stacey partnered with Diane to open “Account Matters – A Different Kind of Billing Company”.  

Diane McCutcheon started her consulting company, Diane McCutcheon Business Management Consulting Services, Inc. (DMBMCSI) in 1997. Following years of finance and human resource administration for private practices, hospital

About Our Company

out-patient, acute care, and homecare Diane knew there was a great need to assist physical therapist’s and other healthcare private practice owners with managing their businesses.  “Running a successful business is not usually part of the clinical curriculum”.  Diane has dedicated her career to healthcare administration with a special focus on physical and occupational therapy business operations. 

Diane has been successful in coaching owners, management and staff in areas of leadership, teamwork, and implementing training and development programs.   She has traveled throughout the USA providing hands on experience as well as leading various training sessions remotely.

Diane has given numerous presentations to organizations such as the APTA PPS, Combined Section, PTPN and MA PPSIG. 

Account Matters is a unique full service PT billing company with over 35 years combined billing experience. Account Matters offers a variety of billing services that aim to make your clinic run efficiently and receive the money you earned.