As consultants, we ask owners many questions about their company when they call for consulting or billing services – actually frantic because they cannot meet payroll anymore.  Questions like “Do you know what your front desk is responsible for?” or “Do you know what your biller is really suppose to know about billing PT services?”  Answers vary from “no” to “a little” to” I think so”.  But most often it is “not really” because I have someone who does all that and I really don’t get involved”.   

Those answers tell us volumes about the culture of the company and the need to make changes in leadership responsibilities and staff accountability.  We begin with sharing 5 things every owner should know about their practice.  These are things that must be learned and followed every day. 

  1. The responsibilities and goals of the front desk and biller.
  2. What billing system and clearinghouse is used?
  3. How the communications should work between the front desk, biller and therapists and why it is key to a seamless operation.
  4. How to analyze an accounts receivable.
  5. How to analyze monthly statistical data including, patients seen, average units billed, cancels and no shows , average charge per visit and more.

So, where do you get your answers?  We have providing answers to questions like these for many years.  We know how critical it is to have foundation in place that you can build on and manage the business.  It will take time to learn but it is essential to staying in business. 

We offer training and development for owners and staff by taking them through our “Administrative Power Center”.  It is the most detailed program you can get anywhere on managing your practice.  Countless practices have taken our training and have been able to bring their business to a new level.  We remain a constant resource for all of our clients.

For more information on the APC and how to sign up for training, give us a call at 508-422-0231 or email us at .

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5 Things Every Owner Should Know

About Their PT Practice