The four components of a successful practice are:

Part 3 – Technology

In this wonderful world of technology, we have all had our challenges keeping up with the never-ending changes.  Over the years, we have moved from paper billing to electronic billing.  Electronic scheduling came next and then electronic documentation, outcome measures, productivity etc.  Billing can be done from a server based system or a complete web based system using various clearinghouses.  With all this, the good news is we have more access to stopping denials than ever before.

We can keep in touch with doctors and patients by email or texting right through the system in addition to calling.  We can actually become virtually paperless when maximizing our system options.  We can provide patient outcome data and injury analyses instantly and have more information for doctor’s than ever.

Every day, new technology is developed to meet the ever changing, countless compliance and insurance guidelines.  The challenging part for private practice owners is choosing the best system for their company – one they can grow with and manage.

More often than not, only a fraction of a new system used.  I have heard countless complaints about systems that do not do this or that and the reports are non-existent.  In most cases that is not true.  The truth is no one has taken the time to explore all of the options the system has to offer.  They forget that many of those options were the reason for buying it.

If you want to do things more efficiently and get data that actually helps to run the business or maintain legal requirements you want the best in technology – not over the top necessarily, but enough give you peace of mind.  Technology is an important tool and must be handled with care.  Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about your systems the more powerful you are.

At Diane McCutcheon, Business Management Consulting Services and Account Matters billing services we offer front desk, billing and A/R training for staff and management training through our Administrative Power Center.  It will be a great first step for everyone.

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The 4 Components of a Successful Practice