The 4 Components of a Successful Practice

The four components of a successful practice are:

Part Four: Monitoring

We have addressed 3 components of a successful practice – People, Processes and Technology.  In this final series, we will talk about the most important part – monitoring.  Monitoring all the people, processes and technology is necessary to make sure everything is moving as it should, issues can be addressed, and improvements can be made.  There is no time to rest or get comfortable.

People use the processes in place to create an experience not found anywhere else.  Management must consistently review processes and work with staff to make changes that will improve productivity and customer service.   Constant observing and talking to the people using processes and technology to create a seamless operation will guarantee success. Employees will feel more valued because their opinions are taken into consideration, and having set processes and a greater understanding of technology make training new employees easier.

Through monitoring, you can immediately note when something is not running smoothly, from the first phone call to getting paid.  Management’s job is to seek out the problems and create a solution that prevents future issues. Without monitoring, management would have no way of knowing which people, processes, and technologies are benefiting or hurting the business.  

Managing a practice, big or small, takes a “we” effort.  Providing training and development tools for staff and encouraging communication that will incentivize and motivate staff will put you on the fast track to success.

At Diane McCutcheon, Business Management Consulting Services and Account Matters billing services we offer front desk, billing and A/R training for staff and management.  We train using our Administrative Power Center webinars and have several options for you to choose from.  It will be a great first step for everyone.

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