Our Year in Review

With 2017 wrapping up, we took some time to reflect on how our company has grown and all the things that we have accomplished. It only took a few short minutes to realize that we had a lot to be thankful for. Of course, there were challenges along the way but overcoming those obstacles is what leaves us with a sense of pride at the end of the day. In just 365 days, our company has moved to a larger building, attended more tradeshows than any year prior, and added new services that clients all over the US are benefiting from.

Moving from our small 3,000 square foot office space in Hopedale, MA to a much larger 4,000 square foot space in Bellingham, MA was undoubtedly the most challenging and rewarding thing our company did in 2017. As we were taking on more clients and our staff was growing, Diane and Stacey knew we were going to need more space. They took on the responsibility of designing and building a whole new office space for our staff to excel, and they delivered. In our Hopedale office, DMBMCSI and Account Matters were in two separate units and now we are all in one space which has helped us grow as a company and as a team. 

In 2017, DMBMCSI and Account Matters attended four of the top national Physical Therapy tradeshows, CSM, NEXT, Ascend, and PPS. Account Matters was a featured exhibitor at CSM, NEXT, and PPS which was such an amazing experience. This was our first year exhibiting at the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in San Antonio, TX. Diane and Stacey had a great time speaking with students who hoped to one day open their own practice, and current owners who knew they could be doing better. The NEXT Conference was in Boston, MA this year which gave us the opportunity to let our staff attend and represent our company. All of them had a great time speaking with the attendees about our services and look forward for the chance to go again in 2019.

Diane and Stacey attended WebPT’s Ascend Conference in Washington D.C. for the second year in a row and was a sponsor for the event for the first time. They always come back with high praise for the conference and see it as one of the best of the year. The fourth and final show was the highly anticipated Private Practice Section (PPS) Conference in Chicago, IL. Stacey and Christina represented Account Matters in the exhibit hall and Diane presented for the sixteenth year in a row! Diane wrote and presented the Human Resource module of the Administrator’s Certificate Program as well as “Managing the Administrative Power Center in Private Practice”.  Our company just recently started exhibiting at the national PT, OT SLP conferences so attending four just this year alone was a really rewarding experience.

Account Matters has always prided itself on being “A Different Kind of Billing Company” and with the addition of our Administrative Services we certainly stuck to that tagline. Stacey Fitzsimmons, Director of Account Matters, saw that a lot of clinics were struggling with front desk issues such as entering patient demographics accurately, obtaining patient’s benefit information and getting the proper referral/authorization before the first visit so we started offering Administrative Services in April 2017. Since then our client’s denials and rejections have been drastically reduced because they had industry experts handling these important tasks.

We also added credentialing services which has been overwhelmingly successful. Most clinic owners we speak to can’t believe just how much our company can do for their business and we are always thinking of new and unique ways we can cut costs and increase profitability for our clients.As we look back on 2017, we can’t help but be filled with gratitude to our clients and staff for allowing us to reach new heights and succeed as a company. We highly recommend taking a few minutes this Holiday season to reflect on 2017 and the things you accomplished even when you thought it would be impossible. We now turn to the new year and the goals we have set for 2018 and welcome the opportunity to grow as individuals and a company. Thank you all for an amazing year.